We design, develop, launch and support websites, online-shops, platforms/services, marketplaces and enterprise solutions

Websites & Landing pages

We build websites for any purposes. Including but not limited to we build magical landing pages that generate leads

Launch landing page for your product within 5 days
We'll pack your product or service


Develop, launch and support marketplaces, uber-like platforms and stocks

Launch MVP within 8-9 weeks
Build custom complex solutions


Build websites for brands and companies. Carefully design and develop any types of management systems for business tasks

For small business
Create and launch corporate/business website within 10 days
For medium & major business
ECM, ERM, CRM, CMS of any scale and architecture

Services & Platforms

We develop platforms and services with custom architecture and business tasks

Launch within 8 weeks
Project team outstaffing

Consulting & Audit

We provide web and IT-business audit and consulting

Provide UX-consulting, SEO-audit
Growing up business consulting
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