We build perfect

Develop from scratch or re-build your current website, create complex custom architecture *

For small business

Create online-shops from one to thousands goods

We'll launch, set up the shop and train your managers

We'll find solution for your budget: it can be multipurpose online-shop within 2 weeks or custom development

For medium & major business

Create online-shops for hundreds of thousands products adapted for highload

Develop "all-in-one" ready to use solutions for business management

Develop any custon solution for business needs

We have experience and strong expertise in

Entertainment goods, Adult
Grocery goods
Children's books and toys
Sports Goods
Fine Art Industry
Construction stores
Flowers & Gifts
Women's clothing, Shoes, Lingerie and accessories

We developed
«boxed» solution

It's impossible to build a perfect online-shop from scratch. What's eCommerce? It's ongoing process that inludes research, analyse and improves of all of structure parts

We developed our own composite solution for online-shop that inludes all the necessary parts and can be launched within 6-10 weeks

vvvvvv digital-agency

Our online-shop inludes

Mobile version
Increased loading speed and gestures
Native navigation
Usage scenarios based on research and metrics
Including cart tracking
Loyalty program
Individual personal loyalty program for the customers
Expand 20 more components that are included in our online-shops
Smart registration
With forms autocomplete
Simple checkout
Step-by-step checkout form with high conversion
Fast search
Smart fast search in categories and products
Marketing tools
Banners, up- and cross-sale mobules and recommendations
Third-parties payments
Built-in ready-to-use payments
Shipping & Payment
Flexible shipping and payments managing
Blazing fast loading
Optimized infinte scroll and pagination for thousands goods
Adapted for highload
Category and product page loads fast even for thousands people being online
Built-in analytics
Detailed metrics and analytics system
Reviews and Rates
Indexed user's reviews for SEO and conversion improves
Blog/News system
Ready-to-use blogging and news system
Perfect cart and wishlist
Up to dozens of goods in the cart and wishlist
Promo & Sales
Awesome batch managing systems for sales and promotions
Products attributes
Convenient attribute managing for products
Filters and sorting
Friendly filters sytem and sorting for smooth user expirience
Search optimization
Total opotimization for searching engines (SEO)
Ready-for-use CRM
Balanced and convenient CRM-system for managing
Built-in key metrics tracking
Order history
Smooth and fully controlled order handling
Managers & Roles
Role-base access control for managers
Emails & Notifications
Convenient mail and notification sending from CRM or automatically

Core technologies

Laravel, MySQL, Redis, Vue|React

Online-shop development stages

1 Setting up
Research and collecting the data
2 Cust.dev
Create basic prototypes and provide customer development. Define key metrics and develop busines-map
3 Prototyping
Develop functional prototypes
4 Web-design, UX
According to the collected data design frontend and correct user expirience
5 Frontend
Compile frontend
6 Backend coding and main development
Coding backend and develop main logic & architecture
7 Integrations
Connect external third-parties modules such as payment and shipping
8 Testing
Prepairing hosting for production
9 Launch online-shop
Launch the online-shop. Modify and correct user interfaces if necessary
10 Support and training
Providing support and train your managers
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